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here i am fellas

2015-08-10 23:29:57 by fetusbabe

so here i am on newgrounds

i didnt think anyone used this site but i was told 2 b cool so i updated my account thing so now i here n redy 2 dance n mingle with u hunnies

btw i didnt use this site when i was 10 like the rest of u guyz cos i was afraid of the big boobie dress up misty game hentai shit so i dont kno a lot about this site but i wil try mi best 2 adapt and becom the epic br O u all want 2 see

have a good one

:) ; ) ps ill voice act ur thing if u want maybe


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2015-08-11 00:09:06

tiiiiiiiiiight welcum back yo, theres still big boobies here but u can pretend like they arent here like using ur mind

fetusbabe responds:



2015-08-11 08:13:10

sweet, I'm new myself. I'll definitely need voice actors in the future- watch out @__@


2015-08-26 17:35:01

I was hoping Bear and Bunny Boo 2 would drift you on over here eventually. Welcome to Newgrounds, it's desolate and miser--

It's a really good and supportive community of circle jerking artis--

It's a good time.


2015-08-31 01:44:26

Certainly an interesting first news post, maybe you got this place figured out...